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        UNAIDS launches innovation exhibiton

        Added On May 27, 2019

        ?UNAIDS and other global health actors have organized an exhibition on innovative technologies that diagnose or treat diseases such as AIDS, to promote the applicaton of these technologies.

        "Our idea behind the platform and why we bring companies here is really to connect innovations that are happening around the world that are providing new solutions for health, new technologies and service models, and connect them to the political decision makers and the investors who can bring the funding for that."
        The exhibition showcased innovations in the fields of HIV, tuberculosis, digital health and health systems."?

        The innovations included rapid disease screening technologies, and sustainable solutions for the provision of and support for primary health care.

        SOUNDBITE ?(CHINESE): CHEN KUAN, Infervision?CEO
        "We apply artificial intelligence in the primary screening test for tuberculosis infection. After these tests, cases suspected of tuberculosis infection will be submitted to doctors for further diagnosis. This reduces a large amount of work for doctors."?