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        My life in China|Sarah Anammi preparing for kids' return

        Added On May 15, 2020

        Sarah Anammi, an English teacher at Kid Castle training center, is busy preparing for the children's return as local COVID-19 situation improves. She has stayed in Tianchang city, east China's Anhui Province during the epidemic. Hello, my name is Sarah from Morocco. I am an English teacher. I have been in China here for one year. Now, I live in Tianchang City, east of Anhui Province. The city is wonderful. People are kind, friendly. The weather is so nice, amazing. I really like it here. So this is our training center, Kid Castle, where I'm working. Because we are opening very soon, we are preparing work and making sure if everything is going well. Here, I am gonna show you a QR code that the parents should scan to make sure if they are healthy or not. Here we have some thermometers to monitor the temperature, alcohol sanitizer for cleaning hands. And we have some medical masks. Our training center, Kid Castle, is taking good precautions in order to keep our kids healthy and safe. Here I'm gonna show you some pictures of my kids. I really miss them. Because during this epidemic, I just had some online classes with them, so I really miss them. Now I'm gonna show you a quarantine room. So in case any student has some symptoms like coughing, sneezing or fever, our staff members lead the student to this room to have an accurate and proper treatment. This is our quarantine room. We have some chairs, sanitizers, medical masks, thermometers. So in case something happens to our kids, we just get them the best health care. Concerning my staying in China, I didn't leave China because I always felt safe and protected. Children are the future of the world. I just hope and wish this epidemic ends very soon so that people get to work, students get to study. Please keep healthy and stay safe.