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        China: Taiwan seeking independence doomed to fail

        Added On May 16, 2020

        China has expressed firm opposition to political maneuvers of its Taiwan region as the latter hypes up intention to participate in the upcoming World Health Assembly.

        Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian made the remarks on Friday when asked to comment on media reports that Taiwan authorities are lobbying for its participation in the 73rd WHA session. 
        SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): ZHAO LIJIAN, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
        "The rejections by the WHA over the years to Taiwan-related proposals by a few countries fully demonstrate that the one-China principle represents the popular will of the international community. The purpose of a few countries insisting on discussing Taiwan-related proposals is to politicize health issues and serve their own political interests at the cost of compromising global response to the pandemic. This will only result in severely disrupting the assembly's agenda and undermining the joint international response to COVID-19, and will meet resolute opposition by the majority of the international community."