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        Australian vodka company turns to produce sanitizer amid pandemic

        Added On May 18, 2020

        Australian wine company Underground Spirits Canberra has turned to produce hand sanitizer since the end of March as the main ingredient of both products is alcohol. COLOMBINE COUROUBLE, Brand Ambassador of Underground Spirits Canberra "We are normally making gin and vodka based in Canberra. And six weeks ago when the whole coronavirus crisis started, we started making hand sanitizer. The main ingredient for hand sanitizer is alcohol which we have lots of or could make a lot of." With its label a snowflake-shaped map of Canberra city, Underground Spirits Canberra produces six kinds of premium gins and vodkas. Now they produce about 5,000 liters of hand sanitizer and spray per week, which, through the Australian health department, have mostly been sent to frontline medical staff and government agencies. Stewart Dobson, head distiller of the company, said they use the recipe recommended by the World Health Organization, with high level alcohol. He hopes the sanitizer business will not stay for long. "I hope not, because I want that for us to be able to produce gins and vodkas. So the bars can open, restaurants can open and go back to some sort of normality. I hope that would mean life would go back to a bit more normal. Yeah, so hopefully that the future we can produce vodka and gins again."