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        Expert: U.S. immigration measures amid pandemic risky to other countries

        Added On May 18, 2020

        Ruben Figueroa with Mesoamerican Migrant Movement said the United States is taking advantage of the moment to adopt much more restrictive measures. Deportations have caused at least one outbreak in northern Mexico. He said the greatest fear was that the United States would start deporting migrants in immigration stations. Analysts and advocates agree that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE,did not test all migrants before deporting them. To date, over one thousand migrants detained in ICE centers have been tested and more than half of them are positive for coronavirus. The ICE says the population in those facilities exceeded 29,600 people at the end of April. Besides deportations, the United States has been expelling thousands of illegal Mexican and Central American migrants since March to Mexico without testing them. Figueroa warned of the complications and risks of this measure, as many Central Americans were later mixed with other migrants in facilities in Mexico or were taken to the southern Mexican border.